The Electric Factory



THE electric factory

On the banks of Lake Ivanhoe lies a vacant, 55,000 square-foot building owned by the City of Orlando. Historic, well-located and unoccupied, it stands as a paradoxical monument to Orlando's unfulfilled potential and diverse, forgotten past. It sits strangely silent: dignified, but lacking purpose. 

We, The Urbanizer, propose repurposing this building into a landmark venue for Orlando's continued growth and community development. The building presents a unique opportunity for urban placemaking. Using sustainable methods and innovative urban design, we imagine reengineering the space into a hub of cultural and economic activity. It has much to offer already: a central location, a spacious interior, natural light, and historic significance. And yet it can be so much more: a venue for our communities, a crown jewel of the Ivanhoe Village neighborhood, another centroid of activity. 

We need the City's cooperation to realize this vision. Legally owned by the City, the building is currently held in trust to the Orlando Utility Commission (OUC). It is not authorized for public use. We invite the City to consider redeploying this public asset in a new way, in conjunction with The Urbanizer and other community stakeholders.

What we hope to achieve in this conversation:

  • Involve all community stakeholders in this vision for the Ivanhoe Building, including the City, OUC, and other civic groups and individuals

  • Facilitate collaboration between our communities and the private sector

  • Connect urban development, especially public transit, between Ivanhoe Village and adjacent areas like Florida Hospital

  • Spark more vision-making for public spaces that can engage local neighbors and visitors alike

  • Empowering the community to become a guiding force in the development of downtown Orlando



aerial double.jpg


  • Signature landmark for the northern terminus of Downtown (DDB)

  • Increased connectivity in the northern Downtown area

  • Increased tax revenue

  • Increased SunRail and transit ridership


  • New space for community use

  • Engaging connection between the Ivanhoe Building, Gaston Edwards Park, SunRail, and OUT

  • On-going programming for public use portion of the project

  • Improved access to transit

  • No displacement of low-income residents or small businesses

  • Availability of affordable housing (Masterplan)



The Electric Factory is a future hub of Orlando’s downtown. Uniquely situated at the Northern gateway to the city, and deeply rooted In the community, the Electric Factory seeks to use creative consensus to help guide Orlando’s progress into into the 21st century in the realms of social development, transportation, housing, urbanization and energy sustainability. 



Development Intensity (FAR)

Development Intensity (FAR)

Existing development intensity as indicated by floor-to-area ratio (FAR).

A lower FAR is shown in GREEN with higher intensity development shown in ORANGE.

The map shows a “saddle” of Low Intensity in the Lake Ivanhoe area and surroundings.



Walkability WITHOUT train station

Current Conditions

Walkability + Distances to existing SunRail stations.

Each colored band is a tenth of a mile thick.

Downtown North of Colonial is poorly served by rail.


Project Growth by 2030

Estimated by summing the following data:

- Resident Growth

- Employment Growth

The area containing the Electric Factory is projected to see the MOST GROWTH within downtown Orlando.

Walkability WITH new train station

Proposed Conditions

Walkability + Distances to existing and PROPOSED SunRail station.

Each colored band is a tenth of a mile thick.

Downtown North of Colonial is well served by rail.

The Urbanizer - The Electric Factory_single sheets13.jpg

1. Masterplan

2. Streets A. Roundabout B. New street

3. Multi-Use Trail

C. Urban trail extension D. Urban trail connected to building

4. SunRail

E. New train station



The Urbanizer - The Electric Factory_single sheets15.jpg

SunRail station + railways (yellow)

Existing building (taupe)

Streets (light grey)

Lake Ivanhoe (light blue)

1. Masterplan

2. Historic Building (brown)

3. Public Park / Plaza Space (green)

4. Private / Mixed-Use Development (green + brown)


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